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The Club's Elementary After School Program, our flagship offering, is a fun and engaging out of school youth recreation program open to students enrolled in grades K - 5. While our schedule follows that of Dayton School District, students from any school or home school are welcome to participate.

DATES & TIMES: The After School Programs operates on school days until 6:00 PM. There are no programs on holidays and school closures. Additional programs during spring and summer break are offered separately and require additional registration.

COST: Thanks to generous support from our partners and the community, there is no cost to participate in The Club's after school program.

MEALS: A substantial, healthy snack is served daily and is provided at no additional cost. Snacks consist of items such as fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, whole grain-rich items, 100% fruit juice, and milk.

ACTIVITIES: Daily activities are designed to encourage creativity, cooperation, positive self image, and self-responsibility. Examples including art in various forms, cooking/baking, sewing, music, outdoor recreation, and much more. Additionally, some offerings encourage academic development, like reading and homework support.

PROGRAM CAPACITY: There is currently no cap on the number of students permitted to enroll in The Club's Elementary After School Program. Enrollment is open throughout the school year, and students can be enrolled at any time.


How old does a student need to be to enroll in the Elementary After School Program?

Due to The Club's designation as a youth recreation program, students must be at least five years old and enrolled in grades K - 5. The Club is not a licensed childcare facility, therefore we are not able to offer programs or services to infants, toddlers, or preschool students.

How will my student get to The Club for the Elementary After School Program?

Dayton School District provides a bus to transport students to The Club from Dayton Elementary School. Starbuck School District will also bring students to The Club after school upon request. For students in Waitsburg School District, Columbia County Public Transportation (CCPT) has a route from Waitsburg to Dayton after school, and will bring students directly to The Club. There is currently no cost to ride a CCPT bus. You can schedule rides by calling CCPT at (509) 382-1647.

Is attendance mandatory?

No. All of The Club's programs are voluntary, and may be used as often or as little as needed. There is no need to inform us if a student will be absent.

Is The Club a childcare provider?

No. The Club does not provide childcare, nor should our programs be used for that purpose. The Club operates a youth recreation program. As such, students that are overly disruptive and/or aggressive may have their parent/guardian contacted, and in extreme cases, we may send students home for a break. This is not common, though, and we will go to every effort to redirect poor behavior in a more positive direction.

If you have a question not addressed here, please contact us.

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