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The Club is excited to be offering a six-week, all-day summer program for our community's young people. We have an exciting program planned, and we look forward to having your student join us! Here are the program details:

DATES & TIMES: June 20 - July 28, 9 AM - 5 PM on weekdays (no programs July 4). 

COST: The program fee is $250 per student. This covers the entire six weeks; there are no recurring fees or other costs associated with the program. Financial assistance is available for those who need it, and flexible payment plans can be made for those who need to split up their payments. You can request financial assistance and/or a payment plan on the enrollment form.

MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are served daily at no additional charge. Menus will be provided in advance of the program starting. Meals are optional, and students may bring their own food if preferred.

ACTIVITIES: We have an action-packed program in the works! We offer a wide range of activities covering everything from STEM, art, and music, to swimming in Prescott, field trips, and much more. An activities schedule will be published on our website prior to the program start date.

PROGRAM CAPACITY: The summer program is limited to 60 students. Spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


How old does a student need to be to enroll in the summer program?

Students that are entering grades K - 6 in the upcoming school year are welcome to enroll. For students entering kindergarten, their fifth birthday must fall on or before August 31, 2023, to enroll. Current fifth graders moving onto sixth grade in the 2023-24 school year may enroll, as well.

Why is the after school program offered at no cost, but there is a fee for the summer program?

The summer program is very costly to operate. It costs nearly as much to operate one day of our summer program as it does an entire week of the after school program, when accounting for additional staff hours, food, supplies, and other program expenses. The program fee helps us offset that cost. The Club still covers over two-thirds of the program cost for each student. At this time, there are no prorated fees for those who intend to participate less than full-time.


We understand that the fee can be a lot for many families, which is why we have worked to procure financial assistance funding as well as offering payment plans. We do not want cost to be a barrier to participation, so if you need help covering the fee, please let us know. We are happy to work with you.

I can't drop off or pick up my student during program hours. What can I do?

Columbia County Public Transportation (CCPT) offers free rides during the summer. The Club regularly utilizes their services during our programs, and we have found them to be safe and reliable. You can schedule a ride for your student by calling CCPT at (509) 382-1647. CCPT offers service to and from Dayton and Waitsburg.

Is attendance mandatory?

No. All of The Club's programs are voluntary, and may be used as often or as little as needed.

Is The Club a childcare provider?

No. The Club does not provide childcare, nor should our programs be used for that purpose. The Club operates a Youth Recreation Program. As such, students that are overly disruptive and/or aggressive may have their parent/guardian contacted, and in extreme cases, we may send students home for a break. This is not common, though, and we will go to every effort to redirect poor behavior in a more positive direction.

If you have a question not addressed here, please contact us.

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